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Our staff maintains good hand hygiene and recommends patients and their visitors do too.

We post our compliance rates regularly. Click below to learn more...


Guidelines for Patients and Visitors

We understand that going to a hospital can be an overwhelming experience. We hope the following information will help prepare you for your stay or visit:


  • For emergency walk-ins, wait on the triage chairs until you are called by the triage nurse. Click here to learn more about our Emergency Department.
  • If you are coming for an appointment, please bring your Ontario health card, a list of medications (including herbal) and proof of health insurance.
  • We are a scent-free facility. Please refrain from wearing scented products.
  • Bring toiletries if you are staying at the hospital. Refrain from bringing jewelry, credit cards or large amounts of money and electrical appliances (with exception of electric razors).
  • For your convenience, we have free Public Wi-Fi, a cafeteria which includes a Tim Hortons, Food Services, Pharmasave, telephone and television services, Spiritual Services and the newspaper/mail.


  • We have designated areas for patient drop-off or pick-up, 30-minute parking, $4 visitor/overflow parking, along with parking pass options. Click here to learn more about parking at Woodstock Hospital.
  • If you need information about the location of a patient or their room/telephone number, please call 519-421-4211 or visit our Information Desk in the main lobby.
  • Please do not visit a patient if you are unwell.
  • Wash your hands before entering the hospital and when you are leaving the hospital.
  • Please refrain from bringing latex balloons, wearing perfume and smoking on the property.
  • To protect the privacy of patients, visitors and staff, photos and videos are not permitted. There are some exceptions in our Maternal Child Unit.
  • For your convenience we have a Gift Shop, free Public Wi-Fi, a cafeteria with a Tim Hortons and Pharmasave.
  • You can send a greeting to a patient by emailing, include the patient's name and room number in your email.