Infection Prevention and Control


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We work hard to provide a safe and healthy environment for our patients and staff. Our goal is to identify and reduce the risks of hospital acquired infections. This is accomplished through: 

  • Education 
  • Surveillance
  • Research
  • Team work
  • Quality Assurances & Improvements


We provide education to our patients, visitors, staff and volunteers. We accomplish this through providing patient centered education and pamphlets, staff orientation and continuous healthcare wide education.


Surveillance includes daily monitoring of infections and diseases that occur in our patients, staff and community. We ensure that appropriate control methods are put in place in a timely manner. 


We make sure we are abreast of the latest research to confirm that we are providing evidence based care to our patients. Our policies and procedures are routinely updated and developed when needed.

Team work 

We rely on the collaboration with other programs and services to help us with keep our hospital a safe environment. Some examples of our  collaborative initiatives include:

  •  Antibiotic Stewardship program with our Pharmacy
  •  Involvement of construction/renovation
  •  Flu shot campaign with Occupational Health and Safety
  •  Review of disinfection and sterilization with our Housekeeping/CSRU departments

Quality Assurances and Improvements 

We work with other health care professionals in a systematic analysis and ongoing evaluation of our Infection Control program.