Send a Message

Patient Messages are a free service offered by Woodstock General Hospital, enabling you to send a personalized greeting to your loved one or friend, while they are a patient at the hospital. Volunteer Services will print your message and will deliver it to the bedside.

 Greetings will be delivered weekdays by 3:00 pm, holidays excluded. Please note that messages received after 3:00pm will be delivered the next business day.

Woodstock Hospital is a primary care facility and we will make every effort to deliver your message in a timely manner. If the patient is no longer in the hospital, your message will be discarded without notification to you.

Our staff take great care to safeguard your privacy. Your message will be sent directly to a secure email account at Woodstock General Hospital. However, because we print and hand-deliver the greetings to our patients, others may view your message. We suggest that you don't put anything in the message that you would not put on a postcard.

Please remember to include the patient's name and room number (if known) in your email message. 

Simply click here to begin filling out your greeting.