Patient & Family Advisory Council

Woodstock Hospital is dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. Processes and policies that are relevant and make sense from the patient perspective are very important to us at Woodstock Hospital. We want to hear your opinions and experiences to make better informed decisions related to the way we provide care to you and your family. 

Members of the council will serve in an advisory capacity and make recommendations on matters that impact the patient and family experience at Woodstock Hospital. We want your input on policies that affect you and your loved ones, such as visiting hours, access to services and programs, as well as participating in the hospital’s strategic planning process and annual quality improvement plan. 

To download the application form, click here. Once complete, please send by mail to :

Woodstock Hospital
Attention: Victoria VanHeugten
310 Juliana Drive
Woodstock, ON
N4V 0A4

Patient and Family Advisory Council

What is a Patient and Family Advisory Council?

The purpose of the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)  is to serve in an advisory and monitoring capacity and make recommendations on matters that impact the patient and family experience at Woodstock Hospital (WH).

The council will ensure that the perspective of patients and their families is always incorporated into organizational activities and decision-making to ensure care and services are patient focused.

Who can become a Patient and Family Advisor?

Patient and Family Advisors must be a patient, family member or caregiver of a patient who has received care at Woodstock Hospital within the past two years.

Patient and Family Advisors should:

  • Have a passion for enhancing the health care experience for other patients, families and caregivers
  • Be willing to share insights about your own experiences in health care
  • Be a good listener
  • Be open to seeing beyond your own personal experiences
  • Be able to promote the mission of Woodstock Hospital

What are some of the activities of the Council?

  • Actively promote and create new opportunities for communication and collaboration among patients, families and staff.
  • Identify and support opportunities for improvement within WH from the patient and family perspective.
  • Receive reports on the patient experience.
  • Attend committees on a by-request basis, to provide feedback and consultation on specific projects.


The majority of council members will be patients, family members and caregivers; however, WH staff and physicians will also be represented on the Council. Membership will be a two year term with option for renewal.

Committee Chairs

The Council will be co-chaired by one Patient and Family Advisor and the VP Patient of Care.

Meeting Frequency

The Council will meet six times annually for two hours per meeting.


Parking passes will be provided to all Patient and Family Advisors.


For further information, contact Victoria VanHeugten at or 519-421-4211 ext. 2166