Parking, Cell Phones and No Scent Policy


No Scent Policy

We ask that when visiting WGH, you refrain from wearing perfume, cologne and aftershave. Please also avoid the use of scented deodorants, hair products , body sprays, lotions, laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Should you arrive wearing a scent , you may be requested to leave and re-schedule your visit. We thank you for your understanding and co-operation


Parking for visitors is available in the lot adjacent to the hospital. A minimal charge of $4.00 is required for each visit and payment is made when leaving. For your convenience, a change machine is located on the ground floor opposite the Information desk. Please observe the parking signs in and around the hospital to avoid the ticketing or towing of your vehicle.

Along with visitors, our staff, management and physicians pay for parking as well. Parking funds are put towards hospital maintenance costs including snow removal and grounds maintenance along with equipment purchases.

Parking Passes

As of June 1, 2016, we are offering weekly and monthly parking passes. The passes will be available to purchase in the cashier’s office.

Weekly pass - $10/week
Monthly pass - $30/month

Each pass requires a $10 deposit, which will be refunded upon its return.

Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones and Transmitting Devices 

Woodstock Hospital restricts the use of cell phones, and other wireless technology, because of their potential to interfere with medical devices. Signs are posted indicating where these devices are allowed and where they are prohibited.