Health Records

The Health Records Department oversees the collection, storage, retention and access to your hospital health record. 

Confidentiality of your personal health information is of paramount importance and access to these records is controlled by Health Records staff. Health Record Services is responsible for the release of patient health information, including providing copies of health records to authorized persons.  It also helps patients gain access to their hospital health records once discharged from hospital. 

Inquiries with respect to your personal health information are important to us and every effort will be made to process any requests in a timely manner.

Electronic Health Records 

Woodstock Hospital is a proud partner in the Thames Valley Digital Imaging Network, which allows eight hospitals to share diagnostic images electronically.

The network allows sharing of diagnostic images between rural hospitals and the resources of tertiary care hospitals, leading to more accurate diagnoses and improved access to appropriate care for patients. Planning is underway to expand the network to other Southwestern Ontario hospitals.

Digital images are filmless-much like a digital camera. Digital imaging systems enable healthcare providers to view, manage, distribute and electronically store a patient's exam images from X-ray, CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, MRIs, and PET scans as well as medical files from any location connected through the system-regardless of where the test was conducted. The PACS (picture archiving and communication system) captures, stores and sends images using digital technology.

"I am able to electronically access the images of a patient transferred here from Ingersoll," says Dr. Malcolm MacLeod, General Surgeon and Chief of Staff at WH. "With just the click of a mouse I reviewed the patients X-rays taken in Ingersoll to compare them with our X-rays to note changes and improvements."



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