Public Report of C. Difficile Rates

Clostridiumdifficileassociated diarrhea

C. difficile is one of many bacteria that live in the bowel.  Approximately 1-3 % of the human population has this organism living in their bowel.  When antibiotics are given this can often affect the organisms that live in one’s bowel and as a result can cause diarrhea.  This is the most common cause of diarrhea in hospital patients.

CDAD Rates


Fiscal year 2017

Rate (# of cases)

Fiscal year 2018

Rate (# of cases)

Q1 April - June0.32 (4)0.14 (2)
Q2 July - September0.08 (1)0.07 (1)
Q3 October - December0.08 (1)0.00 (0)
Q4 January - March0.07 (1)