Volunteer Requirements and Forms

The Six-Step Application Process

To become a volunteer at Woodstock Hospital you must first complete the application process. Once the following steps are complete we will work together on selecting a placement and arrange training for you.

Step 1: Submit the Volunteer Application Package Consisting of

  • Volunteer Application Form 
  • Two completed and signed reference forms from people who have known you for at least one year. Suitable references include: employers, co-workers, teachers, church leaders, coaches. Please do not use family members, friends, doctors or lawyers as references
  • Additional references may be requested at the discretion of Volunteer Services
  • If you are a secondary or post-secondary student, please click here for more details

Step 2: 

Volunteer Services screens all application packages. If there are not any vacancies that match your availability, interests and abilities, you will be notified in writing.

Step 3: Interview

Volunteer Services will set up an interview with the most suitable candidates whom we feel have a good fit within the organization and a placement that will benefit both parties.

Step 4: Pre-Placement Health Review

A health screening is mandatory for all applicants.  Following acceptance, proof of immunizations and a two-step T.B. skin test is required.  You will receive a health clearance checklist outlining what is needed.  Please note that there is an out-of-pocket expense for the T.B. test. Fees range from approximately $30-$90 depending on where you go for the T.B. test.

Step 5: Orientation 

Following the interview, you will receive an invitation to attend the next scheduled orientation.  Here you will learn about hospital policies, procedures, information about safety and security, infection control, confidentiality and privacy. Training within your role will be scheduled with an experienced volunteer or a staff member after the general orientation.

If you have received your quiz package, please click here for the General Orientation Teaching Package.

Step 6: Uniform and ID Badge

All volunteers are required to wear a volunteer uniform (vest) and have their picture taken for their ID badge. This badge allows volunteers to park in the staff parking lot off of Juliana Drive. If you lose your badge there is a $25.00 replacement fee.

Submitting an application package and attending an interview does not guarantee a volunteer placement.

Volunteer Application

Before you apply, have you read through the Six-Step Process?

To apply online click here.

Two references are required. To obtain a reference form, click here.

To print a complete package, click here. If printing a copy, please submit your application by fax, mail or as an e-mail attachment to volunteers@wgh.on.ca.